2011 Family Medicine Summer Research

Experience (FMSRE) Projects

The following projects were presented on July 28, 2011, in the Family Medicine Center, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.



Project Topic
(PowerPoint Presentations)

Jay Johnson

Robert Hamm, PhD

Balance Beam: Reinforcing Pattern Recognition in Clinical Diagnosis


Matthew Marr

Jim Mold, MD, MPH

OKPRN Poison Ivy Study / Spider Bite Project.


Connor Woodland

Jim Mold, MD, MPH

Night Sweats Study.


Bahar Malakouti

Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD

The Use of Health Risk Appraisal in Primary Care.


Viola Voncken-Brewster


The Feasibility of a Computer Tailored Feedback Program for COPD Patients in General Practice.


Taylor Fisher

Robert Hamm, PhD

Leveraging Practice Based Research Networks to Accelerate Implementation and Diffusion of Chronic Kidney Disease Guidelines in Primary Care Practices.