These brochures provide information to men 40 to 70 about the advantages and disadvantages of screening for prostate cancer. The risks for each age group and ethnic group are based on a Markov decision analysis conducted at the University of Oklahoma's Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. The brochures are called "balance sheets" because they present the information about the advantages and disadvantages of screening and not screening, so that the man can compare them, balance them one against the other, and choose the one that seems better.

Prostate Cancer Balance Sheets

Black men in their 40ís

Black men in their 50ís

Black men in their 60ís

White men in their 50ís

White men in their 60ís

Hispanic men in their 50ís

Hispanic men in their 60ís


The development of these balance sheets was supported by funding through a Cooperative Agreement with the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, project TS 281, "Efficacy of Balance Sheets in Prostate Cancer Screening Decisions".

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